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Danish Zehen, GF, Death, Biography, Bike, Lifestyle

बुधवार, 20 मई 2020

Danish Zehen GF, death, biography, bike, lifestyle

Danish Zehen, GF, Death, Biography, Bike, Lifestyle

Danish Zehen was a vlogger, YouTuber and rapper. Danish Zehan started to become famous in 2012 through his YouTube channel and he made a mark in a short span of time. Prior to the accident in 2018, he also worked on a show called Ace of Space, which aired on the MTV channel, increasing his popularity. Danish Zehen achieved considerable success at the age of 21. But he could not do anything in front of fate, on 20 December 2018 we lost a true, hardworking and full of passion.

Today in this article we will learn how Danish Zehen earned so much name using the Internet.

Danish Zehen  Born 

Danish Zehen, GF, Death, Biography, Bike, Lifestyle

Danish Zehen was born on 16 March 1996 in Kurla district, India. Danish Zehen received his early education from Kedarnath Vidyaprasinaris English High School Kurla East Mumbai. From the very beginning, Danish Zehen was very good at reading and due to lack of money, he could not read much.

then he thought he would make his career on YouTube, after which he started his own YouTube channel. Where he started uploading his rap songs. He started the channel in October 2012. And the only reason for starting the channel was to bring its rap in front of people.

Danish Zehen also began performing as a rapper and hip-hop dancer in separate shows. Since childhood, he was very fond of singing and dancing, besides he was very fond of fitness, hairstyling and video vlogging. Danish Zehen was also known for his hairstyles, for which he changed his hairstyle in different ways every month. He also came to be known as the "coolest bad boy" due to his unique style. He created different channels for wrapping, vlogging, fitness. His followers called him FAMBRO.

Danish Zehen was born into a middle-class Muslim family. Danish Zehen also has a brother named Mirza Saklai. When Danish Zehen first started his work, he was heavily criticized by people. According to people, where they lived, their work was not appreciable at all.

He stopped rapping because people around him criticized him and secondly he felt that the rape community in India was too small at that time. He believed that rap is the practice of listening and becoming what ends. That is why he felt that he could not go further in this, but at this time he was introduced to vlogging.
Danish Zehen, GF, Death, Biography, Bike, Lifestyle

When he started shouting slogans he did not know how to speak in front of the camera, he hesitated to speak in front of people, but he did not let himself dominate and kept trying. He also faced a lot of trouble due to lack of cameras, because vlogging requires a good camera, which he did not have due to lack of money, but still, Danish Zehen kept trying.

A few days later Danish Zehen's older brother gifted him an iPhone Six and then started a new channel after "Danish Zehen DMG", called Danish Zehen Lifestyle. In which he used to tell people about his lifestyle. As subscribers on his channel started growing, his videos were seen in millions and his success changed one day.

Danish Zehen then did a lot of lifestyle vlogging and uploaded his video vlog to the YouTube channel. In addition, he ran his own YouTube channel "Danish Zehen Fitness", where he uploaded fitness-related videos.

In the year 2018, Danish Zehen participated in the MTV channel reality show Ace of Space Season 1 and the show increased his fan following much. Now the popularity of Danish Zehen had increased and he was slowly moving towards the mainstream media.

Danish Zehen, GF, Death, Biography, Bike, Lifestyle

The popularity of Danish Zehen can also be gauged by the fact that the look of Varun Dhawan's "Varun Dhawan" in the movie "Street Dancer 3" D is inspired by Danish Zehen, and Varun Dhawan himself said this on his Instagram handle.

Seeing the popularity of Danish Zehen, brands like Gillette also joined it. Where once Danish Zehen had a shortage of money, he now started moving towards financial activity.

Danish Zehen Death Date 

Danish Zehen, GF, Death, Biography, Bike, Lifestyle

After this, something happened that nobody expected. Danish Zehen's life ended due to a car accident. While he was returning from a wedding on 20 December 2018, his car accident took place on the Vashi highway near Mumbai. On visiting the nearby Fortis Hospital, it was discovered that Danish Zehen was no longer our middleman. And the world lost an enthusiastic, hardworking and true youth that day.

The lack of Danish Zehen can never be fulfilled for his fans

Danish Zehen GF

Danish Zehen, GF, Death, Biography, Bike, Lifestyle

Nobody knows Danish Zehen's girlfriend, but Arishfa Khan, who is a Tic Toker, was seen as her girlfriend because Arishfa Khan was found crying on social media after the death of "Danish Zehen GF". 

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